Chairman Message

Chairman Message

We are truly proud that as always we have done better than the previous years. We attribute this success to our goal-oriented approach that helped us in the regional market. Our momentum of revenue and innovative products is maintained thanks to the dedicated, focused efforts of our employees. We are certainly proud of the stringent quality & innovation methods of our research & development team, which is over & above industry standard nationwide and has helped us attain great heights in the Water Tank market around the region.

“Gujraaj” is our one of the brand of CG PLAST which is incomparable for his quality. This is 9 Layer tanks and its key features that Gujraaj Heaviest and strongest tanks ever in world.

Brand CHHATTISGARH PLAST is ISI branded of our company and fulfilling all government norms. All the major departments of Chhattisgarh are approving our brand and fitted without having any complaint.

As far as HDPE Sprinkler system is concern company having ISI certified pipe. Thickness of those pipes is 15 MM to 200 MM. Company manufacture in the name of brand CG Plast. All kind of sprinkler fittings company made of 63MM to 90MM.